Watercraft Program

Watercraft Program

For companies looking to write boat and yacht coverage as a specialty carrier, or watercraft as a component of a comprehensive product suite, AAIS delivers complete Boatowners and Yacht programs that include forms and endorsements, rules and factors, and loss costs. Whether looking to insure a small fishing boat, a weekend cruiser or a commercial yacht, the AAIS Watercraft program has the flexibility to handle nearly all watercraft."

The AAIS Watercraft Program provides:

  • Tailored solutions for Boatowners and Yacht.
  • Comprehensive sets of forms and endorsements.
  • Complete manual rules, factors, and loss costs.
  • Compliance with state laws, rules, and regulations.

Hi-Tech Delivery

  • AAIS rating algorithms are easily programmed.

Dedicated Service

  • For companies who wish to insure personal watercraft on an accommodation, the AAIS Watercraft can be easily integrated with the AAIS Homeowners product.
  • AAIS provides onboarding support as a roadmap for successful conversion to the AAIS program, while considering the Member’s current system.

For more information…

Contact an AAIS Personal Lines Advisor for more information on how to leverage AAIS’s custom solutions to address your particular needs.