Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella

Consumers are buying larger homes, more vehicles, and accumulating more assets they need to protect. The market for Personal Umbrella, which was once the more affluent insured, is now common coverage of virtually any personal lines account. Personal Umbrella policies provide excess coverage for liability for damages due to bodily injury, personal injury or property damage arising out of premises, or the personal activities of the insured.

The AAIS Personal Umbrella Solution provides:

  • Coverage as a standalone, monoline policy or as an endorsement that can be attached to a Homeowners or Mobile Homeowners policy providing the underlying liability coverage.

  • Personal Umbrella forms written on a “following form” basis, which extends the coverage afforded through the underlying policies and reduces the probability of gaps in coverage or of unintended exposures.

  • Ratings of Personal Umbrella based on the residence premises and the number of motor vehicles. Coverage can also be extended to include additional residences, business activities, incidental/custom farming and watercraft/RVs.

Hi-tech Delivery

  • Statistical reporting

  • Access to all forms, endorsements, and manual materials on

Superior Service

  • AAIS subject matter expertise for:

    • forms and endorsements

    • manuals rules, factors, and rates

    • actuarial methodology and procedures

    • data

    • information technology

    • legal compliance

  • Member support to implement AAIS products

  • AAIS and Personal Lines Advisors collaborate to guarantee a smooth transition to AAIS products and a rapid response to any issue, problem, or potential obstacle.

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Contact an AAIS Personal Lines Advisor for more information on how to leverage AAIS’s custom solutions to address your particular needs.