Natural Language Processing Systems Engineer and Manager

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Systems Engineer and Manager



  • Design and develop natural language processing systems for AAIS insurance products.
  • Work collaboratively with AAIS product development staff, application developers and data engineers to define and develop data management systems, taxonomies, definitions and structures for the AAIS clause library and new services that leverage the library.
  • Architect and develop new applications and place them into production.
  • Manage the AAIS Clause Library data bases, applications and services in collaboration with the Systems Operations Group.
  • Ensure AAIS NLP systems are reliable, accurate and trusted under service level agreements developed with key stakeholders.
  • Crosstrain with the Data Services Systems Administrator on the AAIS Data Warehouse and serve as backup for routine operations as required.


Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Experience with relational database management systems and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB in production environments with multiple APIs.
  • Experience developing text search and retrieval solutions in cloud infrastructures
  • Experience with machine learning NLP frameworks/tools such as Spark, Spacy, openNLP, Amazon Comprehend, and Litera’s KIR
  • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms, APIs in a production setting, and open-source methods
  • Demonstrated, strong programming skills in Python and Java used in production environments.
  • Ability to design and develop structured, robust, testable and peer reviewed code in an Agile, DevOps environment.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.
  • Professionally curious and proactive in leaning new technologies to support the AAIS vision as a leader in the industry for machine learning applications and digital libraries.
  • A commitment to providing well engineered, maintainable services the meet or exceed stakeholder’s expectations.
  • An analytical mind with problem-solving abilities


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