Inland Marine Guide

Inland Marine Guide

For insurance carriers seeking a comprehensive, flexible, best-in-class inland marine program with extensive industry acceptance. AAIS delivers the property/casualty industry’s premier resource for forms, rating procedures, underwriting guidelines and other information for the traditionally nonfiled inland marine classes.

To ease implementation, the Inland Marine Guide forms, rules and rating procedures are filed in states that do not exempt inland marine insurance from filing requirements.

The AAIS Inland Marine Guide

  • More than 450 multi-state forms, endorsements and schedules, plus required state-specific endorsements for the following classes: 

    • Construction: Builders’ Risk, Civil Works Projects, Contractors’ Combination, Contractors’ Equipment, Installation Floater, Riggers Coverage

    • Communications: Radio and TV Towers and Equipment

    • Electronic Data Processing: Coverage for hardware, software and data compromise

    • Fine Arts: Fine Art Dealers, Fine Arts Floater, Museums Coverage

    • Floaters: Bailee, Exhibition, Processing Risks, Sales Representatives, Scheduled Property, Mobile Equipment, Patterns and Dies

    • Logistics: Warehouse Operators, Motor Truck Cargo, Contingent Cargo

    • Transit: Trip Transit, Owners’ Cargo, Transportation

    • Other: Difference In Conditions, Drones, Equipment Sales and Rental, Installment Sales, Infrastructure Property, Irrigation Equipment, Mobile Medical Equipment, Renewable Energy Generating Equipment, Railroad Rolling Stock, Cold Storage Lockers, Golf Courses

  • Rating procedures with guidelines for selecting loads and factors

  • Reference material to effectively write inland marine coverages, including:

    • Underwriting guidelines that address risk selection, hazards, optional coverages and loss control

    • Detailed explanation of coverages

    • Coverage form comparisons

  • Sample disclosure notices

Hi-tech Delivery

  • Online delivery of forms, rating procedures, rating information and related material

  • Builders’ Risk, Contractors’ Equipment, Installation Floater, Riggers’, Scheduled Property Floater and Motor Truck Cargo classes are supported by the AAIS Underwriting Platform (UP). UP is a centralized, flexible, cost-effective cloud-based application for managing a company’s inland marine product line.

  • Online rating tool for the other IMG classes

  • Inland Marine Guide materials available on Reference Connect

Superior Service

  • Inland Marine experts to respond to your inquiries and support your success.

  • Compliance team dedicated to keeping AAIS programs compliant.

  • Onboarding services to identify solutions for affiliates and define and deliver customized services to ensure efficient implementation of AAIS programs

  • Statistical reporting services

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Find out more about AAIS’s other Inland Marine Solutions for Commercial Inland Marine Program and the Commercial Output Program. AAIS also maintains programs of the traditionally filed classes of personal, and farm inland marine insurance.

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