Farm-Ag Property

Farm-Ag Property

For carriers looking to grow in specialized farm and agriculture operations, or farm & ag as a whole, AAIS delivers a modular, modern program that enables carriers to tailor products to their appetite. Our forms and endorsements provide options to insure specialized farm and ag operations such as agritainment, precision farming and commercial agribusiness. A start-up farm & ag program benefits from the flexibility to write all operations, from hobby to large processing.

The AAIS Commercial Farm & Ag program provides:

  • A modular property program that allows for policies to be written monoline or packaged with Ag GL or other liability solutions.

  • More than 60 endorsements to address emerging risks, such as drones and agritainment.

  • Easy to read forms where language is consistent across programs.

  • Base coverage forms can be written stand-alone.

Hi-tech Delivery

  • AAIS content is easily integrated in policy administration system, such as BriteCore.

  • Technology consultants, like Marias, help AAIS Members understand their needs and align solutions to strengthen efficiency and effectiveness in implementation.

Superior Service

  • AAIS Farm & Ag Advisers stand ready to respond to Member inquiries to support their success.

  • Our dedicated compliance team tracks state-level jurisdictional activities from start to law, with speedy product updates and filings to help carriers stay compliant.

  • Ongoing communication and knowledge sharing through bulletins, advisory and other expert exchanges.

  • Tailored solutions for custom product development providing carriers compelling, unique program offerings.

  • A full complement of online program tools to train your teams and deliver our content.

  • Dedicated onboarding specialist

  • Initial filing adoption of standard AAIS products in all states the carrier where the carrier will write business.

  • Statistical reporting to relieve carriers from the burden so they focus on their core business operations.


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To find out more about AAIS’s other Farm & Ag Solutions for Ag GL, Umbrella and Excess Liability, Farm Inland Marine, and Personal Auto with farm endorsements, contact an AAIS Farm & Ag advisor.