Examining the Insurance Customer Experience

Examining the Insurance Customer Experience

John Kadous  |  Vice President  |  Personal Lines  |  Auto  |  Product Strategy


In the modern, digital marketplace, the customer experience is everything. From retail to service, today’s consumers expect quick, complete and secure interactions at every touchpoint.

Insurance is no different – and with stiff competition to win and retain clients, creating a positive customer experience is more important than ever. Insurers need to shift from being a service transaction industry to an experience industry.

At AAIS, we’ve studied the customer experience in the risk and insurance industry, and have identified several key tenets:

Customers Don’t Want to Wait
Today’s consumers want to move quickly. They don’t want to wait for correspondence to arrive in the mail, spend precious hours on the phone with a call center, or spend days or weeks waiting for a claim adjustor. Customers expect timely support, with immediate claims payouts and updates in real time.

Insurtech is Everything
Innovations in insurtech will help the modern insurer stay competitive. From artificial intelligence to automation, the rise of chatbots, and digital self-service, insurers must select the right technologies to level the playing field and create efficient and secure customer interactions. That’s why AAIS invested in a modern infrastructure that supports machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain. Our new advisory products and services can be integrated into our Member carriers’ own operations, helping them stay competitive.

Empathy is Key
When customers talk to insurers, they’re often in the midst of a trying time in their lives. They might be dealing with a car accident, home loss, or problems in their business. From a first notice of loss through adjustment and claims payment, the modern insurance experience should be centered on empathy – a focus on the person and not just the transaction.

More than ever, creating a positive customer experience is critical to an organization’s success, and it all begins with a customercentric culture. AAIS incorporates Design Thinking, journey mapping, customer personas and Member feedback to create and deliver its customer-focused products and services. It’s a process that appears to be working, and one that we are happy to share with our Member carriers to help them improve their own Customer Experience.


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