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Report of the NAIC on the State Insurance Regulatory Response to COVID-19 https://content.naic.org/sites/default/files/inline-files/naic_covid_19_report_1%5B1%5D.pdf


The NAIC held a special session on COVID-19 via WebEx on Friday, March 20th. This special session includes a variety of presentations including: pandemic modeling, information around policy coverage, financial impact to the insurance industry and insurer readiness.




Special Session One: COVID-19: Lessons Learned NAIC Summer Meeting August 10, 2020



Presentation on Pandemic Modeling

• Matt Nielsen, Senior Director, Governmental and Regulatory Affairs, Risk Management Solutions (RMS)

• Maria Lomelo, Director of Product Management, RMS

• Brice Jabo, Medical Epidemiologist, RMS



Presentation and Discussion on Financial Impact/Policy Coverage Issues

• Commissioner Scott White (VA), NAIC Financial Condition (E) Committee Chair

• Sean Kevelighan, President & CEO, Insurance Information Institute (III)

• Michel Leonard, Vice President and Senior Economist, III



The NAIC held a WebEx meeting Friday March 20, 2020 on COVID-19 and the impact on various insurance sectors (life, health, P&C).

The NAIC has also developed a resource page with updated information for regulators and industry regarding COVID-19 actions etc...

When you click on the NAIC link above it will bring up an NAIC Resource Page on the Coronavirus.  Click on the “Resources” heading and there is a link to all 50 states and any actions they have taken to date.

NAIC Insurance Brief: COVID-19 and Insuranc

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