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The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting organizations and families around the world. At AAIS, we’re committed to helping insurance organizations manage this quickly evolving situation by collecting and organizing the information and updates you need to know. Below, you’ll find Department of Insurance (DOI) communications, as well as regulatory and legislative updates from trade associations pertaining to COVID-19’s impact on the insurance industry. This includes calls for data, introduced legislation at the state and federal level, proposed regulations, and DOI requests for data, policyholder notices and summaries of pandemic plans.

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Regulatory & Legislative Tracking

Check out our Resource Tracking Dashboard for COVID-19 related DOI bulletins/orders, regulations, state/federal legislation and much more. (This site was archived as of December 2021 and is no longer being updated.)


Litigation Tracking

Take a look at business interruption litigation in the U.S. resulting from COVID-19 coverage disputes on a state by state basis with our Litigation Tracking Dashboard. (This site was archived as of August 2022 and is no longer being updated.)


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