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Risk Awareness Service

AAIS Introduces Risk Awareness Service


At AAIS, we know that insurers face catastrophic perils nearly every day. From hurricanes to hail and other natural disasters, insurers must truly understand the end-to-end impact that perils bring in order to prepare for them well. This service is designed to be a safe-source fact base for insurance leaders as they plan for the future.

AAIS has introduced its Risk Awareness Service to solve this problem…building a one-stop shop for common peril information. This new service includes two key components: AAIS's Catastrophe Planning sharing end-to-end information on the peril being examined, and AAIS’s Live Event Tracker. Together, these new tools deliver a valuable resource for AAIS Members as they plan for the future.



The Risk Awareness Service has started with hurricanes, just in time for the 2020 hurricane season. This year, hurricanes are expected to be more active and more severe than average, so insurers can use the Hurricane Risk Awareness Service to prepare for what lies ahead. In the future, we will continue to expand AAIS's Catastrophe Planning and the AAIS’s Live Event Tracker for other contemporary perils of interest to our Members.


AAIS Catastrophe Planning

AAIS Catastrophe Planning: Hurricanes


The Risk Awareness Service is a central hub for everything insurers need to know about perils of common concern to the insurance industry. This includes everything from a historical overview of the peril in focus basic terms and facts associated with the peril, and the peril's historical impact on the P&C industry.

Prepare for the potential impacts of known perils with AAIS catastrophe planning.

AAIS Hurricane Live Event Tracker Card

AAIS Hurricane Live Event Tracker


AAIS’s Live Event Tracker is an interactive, live web map tracking potential peril impacts across the United States in the context of the P&C insurance and AAIS model programs. It includes industry level data layers to help with impact assessments, guiding carriers to determine if expected situations require further evaluation and monitoring.

Keep watching AAIS’s Risk Awareness Service for more on this valuable resource for insurers!

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