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Regulatory demands for data are growing, while the volume of data insurers must sort through to comply is expanding exponentially. As a result, the essential insurer-regulator transaction continues to become more time-consuming, expensive and less effective. 

But it doesn’t need to be. openIDL is here.

openIDL, an open source, distributed ledger platform, infuses efficiency, transparency and security into regulatory reporting: With openIDL, insurers fulfill requirements while retaining the privacy of their data. Regulators have the transparency and insights they need, when they need them. 

Initially developed by AAIS, expressly for our Members, openIDL is now being further advanced by the Linux Foundation as an open-source ecosystem for the entire insurance industry.

Get the full benefits of openIDL and much more with 
AAIS All-Access Membership.

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Explore what openIDL can do for you. 




Comply with regulatory reporting requirements most efficiently while keeping data private and in your control.




Gain targeted insights into exposures, market activity and trends far more easily and in a neutral, trusted environment.


Insurance Industry


Industry stakeholders can access valuable resources, knowledge, and tools that enhance industry offerings and innovation.


When data becomes actionable insight, we all win.

See how openIDL benefits carriers, regulators & the insurance community.

Ask openIDL – and get answers and insights. Streamlined regulatory reporting. Efficient, accelerated product development. And more. 
All with permission-controls and gold-standard cyber protection keeping data secure.


openIDL: Building the Road to Modern Insurance

openIDL: Building Tomorrow's Insurance Ecosystem Today

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