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2015: Issue III
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A message from Director of Corporate Communications, Joe Harrington
The greatest value for an insurance program is not what’s “on the shelf,” so to speak, as for what it can become in the hands of those who will use its components to craft coverage that meets the needs of each insured.
Don’t blame Leslie Rippley for the huge markup on restaurant wine, or for capitalizing on that markup. Just understand that, by insuring fine wines at the selling price rather than the purchase price, she and her team at Fireman’s Fund underwrote an insurance product that could stand out—profitably—in the competitive
This is the sixth in a series of profiles of property/casualty executives who serve on the board of directors of AAIS.
Everything used to be so simple. There are many people who think advancements in technology are the best things to ever happen; others think they’re the worst things to ever happen.
Robert Bates must have been in a good mood as he entered the South Carolina state capital in Columbia on the afternoon of June 17, 2015.
People familiar with law and insurance have long encouraged apartment dwellers to purchase renter’s insurance, as it’s typically been very inexpensive compared with other housing costs. Even a tenant with little property gets coverage for personal liability, usually for a small fraction of the rental cost.
The most interesting topics to come across my desk are generally those related to new and emerging exposures.As a farm property owner and an insurance underwriter, I am particularly interested in the rapidly growing use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, aka “drones”), which are poised to produce profound changes in agriculture and other areas of commerce.
For an insurance company to report a negative loss is, of course, illogical on its face. Did the policyholder sustain damage and injury, and then had to pay the insurer?

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