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Joseph Harrington, CPCU, director of corporate communications

"Viewpoint is an integral part of the larger conversation AAIS has on a daily basis with professionals throughout the P/C industry.

"While our product bulletins provide the 'nuts and bolts' information needed to use our programs, Viewpoint provides a 'big picture' view of the trends that drive innovations in product development at AAIS and elsewhere.

"My greatest reward comes when an insurance company manager or specialist contacts me to say that a Viewpoint article helped clarify his or her thinking about a topic, or to request a link to an earlier article that helped him or her.

"Viewpoint is also one of the principal means by which reinsurers, software vendors, and other organizations that are associate members of AAIS can reach out to AAIS member companies. Among other things, associate members are entitled to one free full-page ad in the publication, and are given priority for placement of guest columns.

"I invite readers to enhance the content of Viewpoint and enlarge the conversation by filling out our reader survey (see the link at left) and suggesting topics to cover in personal, commercial, agricultural, and inland marine insurance."

Before coming to AAIS in 1994, Joe was a writer and editor for newspapers and business publications. In addition to his work at AAIS, Joe has been active in the CPCU Society and served on a national committee advising The Institutes on changes to the CPCU curriculum. He has a bachelor's degree from Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Conn, and a master's degree from the University of Connecticut, Storrs.

Viewpoint magazine is AAIS's quarterly publication devoted to exploring how the products and people of AAIS, its member companies, and other organizations address challenges in property and liability insurance. Using journalistic-style reporting and contemporary graphics, Viewpoint makes technical topics lively and vivid.

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  • Price optimization
  • The AAIS Data Resource Center
  • Profile of AAIS board member Herman Bontrager
  • Staff column on "assignment of benefits"
  • Ed Kelly and Marc Dutton on AAIS and FJA

Fall 2014

  • Insurers' stake in the climate debate
  • Product management at AAIS
  • Profile of AAIS board member Judy Jackson
  • Bicycle commuting
  • "Changing paradigms" in personal lines rating 

Summer 2014

  • The marijuana quandary
  • Profile of new AAIS leaders John Kadous and Rich Yocius
  • Profile of AAIS board member Richard Zick
  • Developing the Underwriting Platform for Inland Marine Guide classes
  • Guest column on homeowners symbol rating
  • Photos and information on AAIS's new main office

Spring 2014

  • The work ahead on terrorism reinsurance
  • AAIS tool demonstrates by-peril rating
  • Profile of AAIS Board Member Bruce Kelley
  • Report on 2014 AAIS Main Event

Winter 2014

  • The new AAIS Statistical Data Reporting Application
  • Profile of AAIS Board Chairman Jeffrey Kusch
  • Clarifying Coverages in Personal Lines
  • Rating Refinement for Liability Coverage

Fall 2013

  • The AAIS Underwriting Platform
  • AAIS's Government Affairs Team
  • Urban Agriculture
  • "Opportunistic" Cargo Theft

Summer 2013

  • "Exposure for Raw Milk
  • Non-English Policy Documents
  • Pollution Exclusions

Spring 2013

  • "Disparate Impact" in Homeowners Insurance
  • 2013 Main Event Conference Report
  • Insuring Aquaculture

Winter 2013

  • Gun Liability Insurance Proposals
  • Cosmetic Damage Exclusions
  • Hurricane Deductibles

Fall 2012

  • New AAIS Leadership
  • Earth Movement Definitions
  • Insuring Infrastructure

Summer 2012 

  • Homeowners Owner-Occupancy
  • Museum Coverage
  • Acreage-Based Ag Liability Rating
  • Slavery Era Policies

Spring 2012

  • Wildfires Back With a Fury
  • Data Compromise Coverage
  • 2012 Main Event Conference Reports
  • Revised Mobile-Homeowners Forms 

Winter 2012

  • Private Flood Insurance
  • Homeowners Forms
  • Analytics in Inland Marine
  • The 2012 AAIS Businessowners Revision
  • By-Peril Rating and Catastrophe Management
  • Litigation Financing


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