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The AAIS Underwriting Platform

The Underwriting Platform is AAIS's proprietary cloud-based application for underwriting and rating policies based on AAIS programs.

Introduced in the fall of 2013, “UP” was developed in conjunction with FJA-US, Inc., a leading software development and operational consulting firm known for its expertise in insurance product support.

Two Leaders; One Vision: Ed Kelly of AAIS and Marc Dutton of FJA

Click on the arrow to see an interview with AAIS President and CEO Edmund J. Kelly and Marc Dutton, CEO of FJA-US, Inc. To learn more from other Underwriting Platform experts, click here to read their interviews.

"The AAIS Underwriting Platform is a complete package. 

"Everything is contained within it, so a user can underwrite a policy without having to refer back and forth between a manual and a separate rating tool."
--Sheila Morris, AAIS manager of inland marine

"The Underwriting Platform will save our members a vast amount of IT work and cost. 

"From a technology perspective, UP is scalable and affordable for all organizations."
--Truman Esmond, AAIS vice president of customer engagement

UP was first deployed to support the AAIS Commercial Output Program (COP)Since then, it has been extended to support four classes of the Inland Marine Guide and the AAIS Homeowners By-Peril Rating Plan.

“UP” is scalable and affordable for all organizations, and features “plug and play” capabilities that greatly reduce the time and cost of IT work to adopt, implement, and maintain an AAIS-based program.

With the UP, carriers using AAIS programs gain speed-to-market by simply accepting, postponing, or rejecting program updates that are centrally maintained and validated by AAIS.

When rating policies, UP automatically identifies mandatory endorsements and incorporates state-specific manual provisions, ensuring that your homeowners policies are current and compliant. There is little or no need for coding or testing work by the company.

Insurers can use the Underwriting Platform in one of several ways:

  • As a front-end application and quoting system for agents and underwriters;
  • As a rules and rating engine integrated with an existing policy administration system; or 
  • Through custom utilization and implementation.

However you use UP, access to AAIS program resources can be extended through it to third party users, including agencies and MGAs.

From an IT perspective, UP utilizes service-oriented architecture with mobile-ready HTML5 interfaces. Its web service integration allows agents and underwriters to use the application without having to leave their own policy administration systems.

Detailed policy data collected during the underwriting and rating process is downloaded for import or transmitted to and from your internal system.

Among the many benefits UP provides, it--

  • Automatically directs users to applicable forms for writing specific risk
  • Validates requirements for variations
  • Automatically flags gaps in essential information or errors in underwriting logic
  • Generates detailed quotes (for underwriters) and streamlined quotes (for agents)
  • Provides accessible interface 

Insurance companies seeking more information on AAIS products and services can contact membership@aaisonline.com, by completing our contact form or by calling 800.564.AAIS x3289.

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