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Inland Marine Guide

The Inland Marine Guide classes include:
  • Construction: Builders’ Risk, Contractors’ Combination, Contractors’ Equipment, Installation Floater, Riggers Coverage
  • Communications: Radio and TV Towers and Equipment
  • Electronic Data Processing: Coverage for hardware, software, and data compromise
  • Fine Arts: Fine Art Dealers, Fine Arts Floater, Museum Coverage
  • Floaters: Bailee, Exhibition, Processing Risks, Sales Representatives’, Scheduled Property, Mobile Equipment, Patterns and Dies
  • Legal Liability: Warehouse Operators, Motor Truck Cargo
  • Transit: Trip Transit, Owner’s Cargo, Contingent Cargo, Transportation
  • Other: Difference in Conditions, Equipment Sales and Rental, Renewable Energy Generating Equipment, Railroad Rolling Stock, Cold Storage Lockers, Golf Courses
The Guide is the property/casualty industry’s premier resource for forms, rating procedures, underwriting guidelines, and other information for the traditionally nonfiled classes.

  • The Guide provides more than 400 multistate forms, endorsements, and schedules, plus required state-specific endorsements.
  • The unparalleled choice of base forms and endorsements within each class helps users save time and avoid costly errors.
  • Guide forms, rules, and rating information are filed in states that do not exempt inland marine insurance from filing requirements.
  • Common inland marine conditions are written into the base forms, eliminating the need for bridge endorsements and simplifying the task of packaging AAIS and non-AAIS forms. The forms can also be written as stand-alone policies.

The Inland Marine Guide also provides:

  • Detailed explanations of coverages, including coverage intent, property covered, property not covered, additional coverages, perils excluded, valuation, coinsurance, and more;
  • Underwriting considerations that address risk selection, hazards, optional coverages, and loss control;
  • Sample rating procedures with guidelines for selecting loads and factors, and for applying IRPM modifications; and
  • Comparisons of coverage forms within each class, so you can readily assess, compare, and modify your options for providing coverage.

The Guide is recognized as a leading resource for the traditionally nonfiled classes. Its forms are frequently referenced in industry textbooks and training materials, and the Property Loss Research Bureau chose Guide forms for its first annotations of inland marine forms.

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