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AAIS Becomes an Associate Member of the Insurance Council of Texas

June 19, 2015 AAIS Advisory notice

AAIS recently became an associate member of the Insurance Council of Texas (ICT), a non-profit state insurance trade association of property and casualty insurers writing business in Texas.

ICT does not lobby, but follows the legislative process in Austin and reports on changes in insurance law and other important state and federal initiatives. The council also provides insurance information to consumers, sponsors scholarships, promotes anti-fraud efforts, supports crime prevention and fire prevention, and sponsors an annual hurricane awareness campaign. 

As an associate member of ICT, AAIS is entitled to all of the privileges of an ICT member company other than serving on its board of directors. ICT services include bulletins, special announcements, and newsletters published by the council.

“We believe that ICT will be a useful conduit to conduct business in the great state of Texas," says Robin Westcott, AAIS vice president of government and industry relations. 

"ICT will keep us informed on trends in the Texas marketplace, including the latest information on compliance matters," she adds. "We plan to develop products that are innovative and responsive to the insurance demands in Texas, and ICT is essential to successful relationships within the state.”

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