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BMI Insurance Consultants, Marias Technology Become AAIS Associate Members

Feb. 9, 2015

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Two companies serving the property/casualty industry--BMI Insurance Consultants and Marias Technology--have become the latest associate members of AAIS.

BMI Insurance Consultants, Seattle, Wash., provides assistance with product and rate development across all property/casualty lines throughout the country. BMI's services include product research, policy development, competitor rate comparisons, review and development of rating information, and preparation of rate, rule, and form filings.

Among other things, BMI Insurance Consultants have developed and filed programs for carriers expanding into new states, developed supporting documentation for loss cost adoption filings for multiple lines in many states, revised mortgage guaranty filing documentation to ensure compliance in multiple states, and helped carriers resolve filing objections from state insurance departments.

Marias Technology, Covington, Ohio,provides information technology services including software testing and implementation services, as well as policy administration system hosting, system management, and third-party interface management 

Marias (pronounced ma-RYE-ess) also provides availability services. As an alliance partner of EVault, Marias offers EVault's cloud-based backup and recovery services.

Among its many business relationships, Marias Technology has a mutual referral arrangement with NAMIC Web Services. Under the arrangement, each organization refers customers to each other for their respective services. 

As associate members, BMI Insurance Consultants and Marias Technology are entitled to one registration to the AAIS Main Event conference, one full-page ad in AAIS's Viewpoint magazine, and other opportunities to promote their services through AAIS communications to more than 700 property/casualty insurers that use AAIS programs. 

Associate members can also acquire access to AAIS forms and manuals on AAISdirect.

For information on becoming an associate member of AAIS, contact Rick Maka, AAIS director of marketing and strategic alliances, by email or by calling 630-457-3217.

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