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Oregon Enacts Homeowners Insurance Requirement for Electric Vehicle Charging

June 27, 2013 AAIS Advisory notice

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Effective Jan. 1, 2014, some homeowners and condominium unit-owners in Oregon with electric vehicle charging equipment will be required to carry at least $1 million in personal liability coverage extending to ownership and use of the equipment.

 Under a recent Oregon law, homeowners' and condominium unit-owners' associations must allow residents to have electric vehicle charging stations for personal, non-commercial use.

Unless the equipment is certified as meeting state safety standards, a resident owning a charging station within a community managed by a homeowners association must maintain a homeowners policy, with at least a $1 million limit, that includes coverage for the charging station exposures. The insured must also name the association as an additional insured with a right to notice of cancellation of the policy.

A similar law has been in effect in California since 2012, but AAIS does not believe revisions to forms are required in either state to cover the exposures associated with charging stations that are installed and operated for personal use. 

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