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Vermont Permits Electronic Document Delivery

Sept. 8, 2015 AAIS Advisory notice

The Vermont Department of Financial Regulation has adopted a regulation that allows any insurance notice required under law to be delivered electronically as long as it meets the requirements of the state's Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. 

Under the regulation, electronic delivery is considered equivalent to delivery by first-class mail, certified mail, or certificate of mailing.  

An insurer may deliver a notice or document electronically if:

  • The recipient has affirmatively consented to electronic delivery and has not withdrawn consent
  • Prior to giving consent, the recipient has been provided with a clear and conspicuous statement informing the party of the right to have a notice or document delivered in paper form
  • The recipient is provided with a statement of the hardware and software requirements for access to, and retention of, a notice or document delivered electronically; and
  • After consent is given, the insurer must provide the party a statement that a change in the hardware or software requirements needed to access or retain a notice.

Someone who does not consent to electronic delivery of notices or who withdraws consent cannot be subjected to any additional fees or costs for having notices provided in paper or non-electronic form.

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